How It Works


The Allowance Program is SIMPLE!

  • Dads: Hook up your wife & kids!
  • Friends/Family: Buy as Gift!



Parents & Relatives: Sign up easily using your email address.



Parents & Relatives: Tell your child or children you will pay them a small allowance to massage Mom’s feet once, twice or even more times per week (e.g. $5 for 10 mins. or another agreement.)



Moms: Start getting your feet massaged by your child or children! Massage their feet first if you have to—in order to show them how easy it is. We have some pointers on this site to guide you along, but there’s really nothing to it!

Reclined and feet up, have your new & hired “Foot Massager” sit on a stool or in a chair, directly in front of you. (Chairs with wheels work great on hard surfaces! If stationary, have the child or teen simply adjust sitting positions, as needed.)

Now, have them start squeezing your feet all over. It’s easy. (See the video clip on the main page.)

Also, tell them if the pressure is too light or too strong. With this, they can make adjustments to your preferences, knowing what works best for Mom!


By the way, make sure your child knows to give equal attention to both feet.

When they’re done, pay them what they have earned. This helps them to learn the value of serving and working to earn money.

It’s that simple! (“Foot Massager” hands should be washed before and after each session!)




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